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  Saturday, September 9th

School's started again and that means no more partying all night (for some us at least). Hopefully, everything will go quickly and we can enjoy our time as the graduating class of the school! Just remember, you'll only have to work for a single term! Good luck!

Louis totalled his car, but it wasn't his fault (or so he says)...
Tri-school BBQ next Friday!

Grade 12 life is busy, if not busier than grade 11. Don't be surprised to the updates inconsistent and nonexistent. But if you want to write something for this page, by all means, go ahead. Just send it to me through ICQ and I'll post it up!


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RIP R.I.P. Louis' car, 2000 - 2000. It never had a birthday...
Who am I kidding?
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