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Welcome to the school department. Dan 'claims' that he's too busy to do anything, so I guess I resume the role of administrator for this page. Have fun rowing Dan!
Pics of the Week: European Tour 2000

Nichewienstienstienstont.... The Original Disneyland Castle

But it's itchy!
"I was scratching! I swear!"

I'm free
When you just gotta go.

Not again!

Can you identify all 80 people in this picture? The members of the European Band Tour! (sorry 'bout the quality)

Who me? Staring? Back by popular demand! (courtesy of Scott Henson)

Music Banquet - May 25
Pregrad - May 20
SATs - June 3
School Year Ends - June 9
Internal Exams - June 12 to 16
Coming Soon: Full events calender for 2000-2001 academic year
Canada First Robotics
Peer Tutor
The Opus
St. George's
Coming Soon
Green Machine
Public Service
The Georgian
Gradewide ICQ and telephone numbers.
DoE Gold Expedition
Caribbean '01