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Goldeneye Multiplayer Guide

Welcome to my Goldeneye Multiplayer Guide. Lately, I haven't been able to play much because my friends have taken to avoiding the game whenever I'm around, so I've decided to compile all my knowledge and experience into this document. I hope it proves useful in all your future Goldeneye endeavors.

The Basics
Before we go into the Goldeneye related information, we have to review the basics which are universal for every FPS (First Person Shooter). Without mastering these fundamental skills first, you'll be dead faster than you can say it.

Know your controls. There is nothing more pathetic than a player who doesn't know how to aim, shoot, move, etc. If you aren't used to the controls, change them.

Know thy enemy, know thyself. This is imperative, especially in Goldeneye. You have to realize that your opponents' screen is right there in front of you. Use that against them. Look at what they're doing. Sure, it's cheap, but it works.

Know the terrain. Familiarize yourself with all of the levels. This will help especially if you're fleeing while shooting backwards, and when you're looking for body armor or a weapon.

Practice. Nothing can improve your skills faster than this. Finish the game, play often, call some friends over and have a fragfest, do whatever. Most importantly, it doesn't matter if you win or lose (yeah right...), just have fun.

The Tactics
Many of Goldeneye's tactics are also universal. These have to be perfected if you expect to win consistently.

General Tactics and Strategies

As soon as you kill your opponent, position yourself right in the middle of the level, so that, if you're quick enough, as soon as they reappear you can run straight to where they are before they get a weapon.

If you suspect your opponent is going to try the above, either run in the opposite direction to where they're coming from or take your (small) chances with the slap. If you try and use the slap, get as close to them as possible making it harder for them to hit you.

Time your reloading carefully. The perfect time to burst in on an opponent is the split second they are reloading. Try to not empty your clip, giving yourself the choice of when to reload.

If you intend to open a slow rising door, it's a good idea to crouch so you can see your opponent's feet if they're there, allowing you to get the first shot off.

Aim for the head.

Remember that this game only utilizes 4mb of RAM. Placing ninety mines anywhere is useless because they'll start disappearing around the twentieth one.

Undetonated remote mines can still be denoted in your next life.

It's worth varying your strategy between caution and recklessness to keep your opponent guessing. If you always try and jump out with guns blazing, then your opponent will simply wait for you.

Be aware of explosive boxes; don't let your opponent blow them up with you next to them.

Strafe. This is possibly the most helpful move you can do. Strafing allows you see around corners without having to turn, and it even increases your moving speed if you strafe and walk. Circle strafing, strafing while turning, lets you keep a target while moving. Strafe.

Crouching is a very, very dirty move. When used skillfully, it will keep you alive because your opponents will always be unprepared for it. The bad thing though, is that it moves your head right into the enemies crosshairs (unless, of course they were aiming for your head in the first place).

When you're in a standoff with approximately equal resources, lean (R + right C). Hide behind an obstruction and you will be able to pop out, get a couple shots off, and hide before your opponent is able to react. This tactic is especially helpful when playing 'one-shot-one-kill'.

Get the body armor!! Even if your body armor level is half way down, yet your main health is full, always go for the body armor if possible. Don't kill yourself getting it though. It's like having two lives. Who doesn't want two lives??

There are three words that help a lot staying alive while your opponent has an explosive weapon. Stay with him. When you go near your opponent he will over shoot so that it will miss you completely. This tactic should only be used if your opponent has an explosive weapon and you do not. If you have an explosive weapon you will not only kill him, but yourself too!

This sometimes doesn't work, and it's a bit crap anyway, but if you're losing badly in a multiplayer game and you want to get out before things turn embarassing (It doesn't happen often, but we all know how alcohol, Goldeneye and escalating bets don't mix.) throw a mine or two onto a pane of glass, ie in the archives, then shoot the glass so it smashes without setting off the mines. Now throw another mine where the glass WAS and the game locks up and the N64 has to be reset to continue. "Call it a draw then?"

Character Tactics

As a general rule, avoid eccentricities. Jaws is big, making it difficult to see or hit things close up. The opposite is true for Oddjob, who is very short. He hits the floor when aiming afar. More cheaply, he practically disappears when crouching. James Bond, Trevelyan, Natalya, and Xenia are good, allround choices.

You should also avoid characters with bright clothing, ie. moonraker elite. Use characters who blend well into their surroundings like the Janus Marine in complex.

Weapon Tactics

Try and arm yourself with a penetrating weapon to give you the edge in standoffs - being able to shoot through doors is a real bonus.

DO NOT use the klobb if you have any other weapon. Simple as that.

If you're using grenades or other explosives, you might be able to get a cheap kill by throwing them randomly about the level, as the explosion penetrates walls and floors. Be aware that explosions set off other explosives before they reach their target, so don't fire/throw a rocket/mine into a fireball.

Obviously your willingness to take the offensive approach is going to be mostly down to the weaponry at you and your opponent's disposal. It's worth going all guns blazing if you're wielding an RCP-90 and they're stuck with the PP7. Conversly one accurate shot from a pistol can end it all leaving them wondering where they went wrong.

Use the weapon properties to your advantage. Grenades will bounce off walls and around corners. mines will stick anywhere: underneath catwalks, behind walls, on ammo crates, windows, ceiling, body armor, you name it. Exploit that fact.

You can detonate remote mines by pressing A + B simultaneously. That way, you don't have to clumsily switch weapons. This is a great method for making midair fireballs and killing off tailgaters.

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