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_That's the Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard

Jon Weiss' Stupid Quote Section
The situation - Jon Weiss is choosing a socials report topic. The teacher asks Jon to choose a number between 1 and 6 since he is rolling a dice. it. His reply:

(Guess who didn't get his topic?)

"I'm a selective fag"
(The phrase 'thanks for coming out' suddenly has all new meaning)
                   - Paul Lo

"Um... so... I hear there are some... um... 'quotes' of me on your page?"
                   - Jon Weiss

"Macs can do everything PC's can; they just don't have the programs for it. That's all."
                   - Magua

"Hey guys, y'know mosquitoes only bite you if you're standing up. If you're sleeping y'know horizontally in a hammock, you're invisible to them."
                   - Louis Lam

Anyone: "What did you get, overall?"

Weiss: "93%"

Anyone: "Wow.....that's great! What did you get in games?"

Weiss: "Uhhh.....thats 93% not including games."

Anyone: "You can't do that! What did you get in English?"

Weiss: "79%"

Anyone: "Math?"

Weiss: "83%"

Anyone: "What the f!#$ are you talking about! You didn't get got like, 80%"

Weiss: "You know....I hate people like you.....why are you always so condesceding to me?"

Anyone: "Because you always lie."

Weiss: "What are you talking about!?.....I'm never talking to you again!"

Anyone: "Good riddence!"

                   -A conversation between anyone and Jon Weiss