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 ICQ Top 10 Chatting Buddies

Grad01 is having a new feature about YOUR top 10 chatting buddies. Send me (Derek Gaw 3860741 on ICQ) in a list of the names of the 10 people you chat with most on ICQ and the number of messages exchanged between the two of you.

Here's how to find out:
Open up the "Message Archive" from the ICQ Menu and then click on "Edit" -> "Advanced Find" on the menu bar. Use the drop down From/To menu to select a person who you know you've chatted with a lot and click "Find Now" (Make sure "Type" is set to "All Types" and the "Message Body" field is empty. As well, make sure both the "Recieved/Sent" checkboxes are unchecked). When the search is complete a list will drop down and at the top left hand corner of the list it will say "Found X Events". X is the number of messages you have exchanged over ICQ.

Chris Chok's Top 10
Not Given

10. Kelcin Tze928
9. Ken Thai980
8. Warrick Chu994
7. Imran "Headboy" Ratanshi1437
6. Martin Moon1573
5. Andrew Poole1652
4. Sunil Amin2162
3. Jenny Sung3037
2. Andrea Jang4591
1. Jon Yeung7916

Dan Scarrow's Top 10
Not Given

10. Chris Fong466
9. Ben Maas480
8. Justin Chu507
7. Marianna541
6. Johanna655
5. Ryan Sung879
4. Ross Hansen1246
3. Andrew Poole1865
2. Derek Thong2193
1. Mark Norman4676

Chris Fong's Top 10
Apr. 99 - Jan. 00

10. Kevin Ting281
9. Derek Chan337
8. Chrisian "Magua" Parsons385
7. Daniel Scarrow438
6. Andrew Lee573
5. Sanford Kong620
4. Ryan Sung672
3. Derek Thong1094
2. Justin Chu1748
1. Derek Gaw3975

Justin Chu's Top 10
Not Given

10. Magua1006
9. Pat Knox1039
8. Derek Chan1110
7. Mark Norman1197
6. Chris Fong1824
5. Andrew Poole1835
4. Rayan Cader2057
3. Derek Thong2186
2. Karlene Baker2386
1. Yvonne Wu3176

Derek Gaw's Top 10
Dec. 99 - Jan 00

10. Derek Thong158
9. Magua194
8. Jonathan Yeung203
7. Jonathan Weiss242
6. Justin Chu307
5. Caroline Chan367
4. Derek Chan625
3. Andrew Lee742
2. Chris Fong794
1. Paul Lo839