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The Best Scam ever...Guaranteed*
*not a guarantee

Updated: August 27, 1999

My Beef:

What is it with people who are so offended by the mention of the word "scam". OH NO! I mentioned it. Those people should open their eyes to what is happening to Gotoworld. Maybe Gotoworld is a charity and they aren't in it for the money (ha!) or maybe their are making a LOT of money and ripping YOU off. Soo... scam, scam, scam. Gotoworld is doing it to you, why not do it to them?

Overview of GotoWorld

First go to, but DON'T sign up for anything yet. Just read the instructions on how they are going to "scam" you. I will sum up the inportant points:

Gotoworld will pay you .40 for every hour you stay online for a maximum of forty hours. But wait you say, that sucks. Well, that's not all, Gotoworld pays for referals. Here is what they say:

For every person you refer to, we will pay you $.10 for those people ( Friends referred 1 ) who are online using the browser. Now it just gets better because, we will pay you $.15 for every hour that your Friends referred ( Associates referred 2 ) someone else who will be using the browser. Best of all, you also will be paid $.20 for every hour that your Associates 2 referred ( Connections referred 3 ) someone else who will be online using the browser. Your referral group continues for two people past your original referral (see the chart below). This is simply the most powerful dynamic referral program the Internet has ever seen. There are no limits to the number of direct referrals you can get paid for!

Sound too good to be true??? Getting some scam ideas already??? There are EXCEPTIONS!!

*RATE DISCLAIMER: shares a percentage of the advertising revenues with its members. Advertising revenues are based on 1000 banners viewed (CPM). For example, an advertiser may pay $12 CPM ($12 per 1000 ads). Each banner ad is on a 20 second viewing cycle. If you surf the Internet and have the banner-viewer activated then you will have viewed 180 banners in an hour which you will have been paid .40. When you refer a friend you will also receive a referral reward for which you would receive .10 for each of your friends 1 hour of viewing, .15 for each of their friends referred (per hour they viewed) and .20 for each friend (per hour they viewed) they referred. The examples illustrated are based on a $12 CPM. Advertising rates (CPM) vary according to market demand. does not make any guarantees as to how much a member will be paid. will give its best effort to sell to advertisers the highest possible CPM but can not guarantee results. Monthly CPM averages will be posted and all members will share in the revenues according to monthly CPM average. Members are encouraged to assist in volunteering consumer demographic information (see our Privacy Policy) as it will increase the CPM price of banners on the browser and in turn increase all members earning potential.

Well they have their asses covered...maybe I should get a disclaimer.

I am not responsible for:

Preparing for the scam

Use this link to sign up with Gotoworld. NOO!!! Not just yet. Read the whole scam first. Your plan is to sign up for many accounts using the same name, address.... Gotoworld only wants you to use one account, but they let you sign up for more.

How many accounts?? DON'T be greedy!!! I suggest four accounts. When you click on the link above, you will sign up and I will be your referrer. The next three accounts you should refer with the previous account, unless you really want to see me make money. If you are confused, just wait, I'll explain.

For example:
Account ID# Referrer
0000000000 Webmaster (ME)
1111111111 00000000000
2222222222 1111111111
3333333333 2222222222

Note: The ID# are just examples. After you sign up for your first account, you will received an ID#. Use that ID# to refer your next account. Use the ID# from that account to refer the account after that...

Why you ask? Because, most of the money will be made by referrals. Reread the top part about referrals if you forget.

So... Assuming you put in the full forty hours in each of your four accounts and you get paid $0.40 for each hour:

Account 1: 40*$0.4 + 40*$0.1 + 40*$0.15 + 40*$0.2 = $34 (U.S.)
Account 2: 40*$0.4 + 40*$0.1 + 40*$0.15 = $26 (U.S.)
Account 3: 40*$0.4 + 40*$0.1 = $20 (U.S.)
Account 4: 40*$0.4 = $16 (U.S.)

TOTAL: $96 (U.S.) per month!

Deductions: Member Activity Management Fee (MAMF) of $4.95 for each account
(Sorry folks I found out that Gotoworld had a "service charge" (What service??) of about $5 for each account.)



Gotoworld will upload you a browser to make money with. ONLY DOWNLOAD IT ONCE! Open the .exe file and run the program. The program will ask you for an ID#, so give them any one from your four accounts.

IMPORTANT: After you have hit the banner for forty hours, you must change the ID#, but the program won't let you! Ah, the hard part. You will have to edit your registry. Click on your START button, goto RUN and type in "regedit.exe". Now, search for "gotoworldid" and delete that little entry. Now when you run the gotoworld browser you can enter a NEW ID!!

Overnight downloads

The whole purpose of this scam is so you can leave your computer on overnight (or 24hours) and get paid for NOTHING!!

You may have also noticed that after 5 minutes the banner stops. Well, you ask, how am I supposed to do this overnight??? Well, I say, you can:


(NEW!!)Bhishan Hemrajani has made an excellent programme (RENAME FILE TO gotoworldhack.exe). It HIDES the banner and gets rid of the 5 min limit!! YAH!! It even reconnects!!

Contact Final Note: Make sure you NEVER buy or click on the banners. If you do, then will have won the battle. Promise me that you won't.

(NEW!!) Other Pay Programs:

Value Pay is offerring to pay $1 per hour. Why not have this banner and the gotoworld banner active at the same time?? This company is still a bit slow and have not yet developped their program, but you can still sign up.

One & Only Network is a crappy site to do "real" business, but they pay $4 per referral! You can get your friends to sign up and make some cold hard cash. I did it to my friends and made $50. HAHAHA! ...and now they hate me. Oh well, I have my cold hard cash to keep me company. Oh, another good thing about this sponsor is that they send checks EVERY month no matter what your balance is.

AllAdvantage is popular and you may have heard about it. I maybe change this site to also focus on AllAdvantage and it doesn't hurt to join. They pay $0.50 per hour.

All Community



Most (or all) of these companies are indentical to Gotoworld. All of them still have to develop their banner programmes, but as soon as they do I will have scams for those programmes. Maybe with all the programmes running together we can make minimum wage!!!