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Multiplayer Tactics Multiplayer Multiplayer Codes

Goldeneye Multiplayer Guide

Gameshark Multiplayer Codes

No Fog In Multiplayer:
800214CF 7B18

To play the full multi-player levels, player 1 has to go to the locked doors, face them, and press the gameshark button 2-3 times. The doors will blow up! (by full, I mean complete original levels, not restricted multiplayer ones)
Play the full Facility:
880C8784 0001
Play the full Caverns:
880C5F84 0001
Play the full Archives:
880CD784 0001

Look in the multiplayer level select...
Play Egyptian w/ 2-4 players (press left on the directional pad)
D0064F30 0002
8002B537 000B
Play Bunker w/ 2-4 players (press right on the directional pad)
D0064F30 0001
8002B537 0008
Play Archives w/ 2-4 players (press down on the directional pad)
D0064F30 0004
8002B537 0009
Play Caverns w/ 2-4 players (press up on the directional pad)
D0064F30 0008
8002B537 000A

Play Cradle w/ 2-4 players (hold the right C-button then press start)
D0064F31 0001
8002A8F7 0029
Play Statue Park w/ 2-4 players (hold the left C-button then press start)
D0064F31 0002
8002A8F7 0016

All Guns in Multiplayer:
81036F6C 0000
81036F6E 0002
D0064F31 000C
80024303 0001
During gameplay, (multi or single player) press up C and down C at the same time. This will bring up a bunch of garbled text on the screen. These are the codes from which you can select. The one second from the bottom in the second column (there are 8, 4 on top & 4 on bottom), activates all guns. Use the + pad to select different codes. A toggles, and start toggles + removes the menu. This code can also allow many other things such as no collisions, invisibility, invincibility, access to all levels, and the display of your coordinates in the level.

Play with all of the Bond skins:
A002B1BF 0000
A002B1A9 0019
A002B1A6 0001
A002B1A5 00E9
A002B1A7 0000
A002B1B3 0000
A002B1B5 0016
A002B1B7 004E
A002B1C1 0018
A002B1BD 00E9
A002B1BE 0001

Brighter Levels:
800213C1 00AF

Have All 64 Players:
8002B197 0040

Play As David Letterman (Bond's Slot In Multi):
A002B19F 0039
A002B19D 0017
Play As Paul Shaffer (Natatya's Slot In Multi):
A002B1AB 003E
A002B1A9 0020
Play As Conan O'Brian (Trevelyan's Slot In Multi):
A002B1B7 003A
A002B1B5 0017
Play As Mission Impossible's "Tom Cruise" (Xenia's Slot In Multi):
A002B1C3 003B
A002B1C1 0016
Play As Bond in Drag (Natalya's Slot in Multi):
Mail Man Bond (You must pick Bond):